Ship Management Specialized
in LNG Carriers

Ship management is the process that provides technical support for safe operations, maintenance and improvement in ship’s conditions.

When a ship is delivered from shipyard to her shipowner(s), she can neither be in service nor engaged in transportation service. Prior to engaging in any service, shipowner is required to fit her with crew, equipment, inventory, lubricating oil, insurance, etc., in compliance with international conventions, flag state and port state rules and regulations.

NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd provides all aforesaid services on behalf of shipowner(s), including but not limited to diverse arrangements of crew manning, spare parts, supplies, repairs, maintenance of machineries, dry dock, inspections, certificate management, etc.

Three Missions

NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd is committed to three missions.

Safe Operation

Prevention of incidents and
machinery troubles

Asset Management

Preservation of integrity
of LNG carriers

Cost Competitiveness

Yield of strong cost positions

Ship Management Service

A ship management company primarily provides shipowner(s) with ship management service as follows.

  • Quality Management

  • Technical Management

  • Crew Management

  • Accounting Management

What is Ship Management Company?

Shipowners used to operate ships by themselves until 1970s. However, that trend has changed. Nowadays, ship management companies on behalf of shipowners became main stream.