Job Content

NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd provides Quality Management, Technical Management, Crew Management and Accounting Management which consist of seven operations as following.

【Career Plan for Vessel Manager】

Vessel Managers (VM) and Superintendents (SI) are contact interface with vessels for overall ships’ operations and every pair of VM and SI is assigned two to three ships.

Quality Assurance

A safety management system (NYK SMS Manual) is developed in compliance with existing International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) for safe operations and in compliance with all applicable conventions, regulations, industry recommendations and best practices. For the purpose of continuous improvement, trained and accredited internal auditors conduct internal audits for both vessels and office at least once a year to ensure compliance with established company’s policies and procedures. Similarly, feedback is collect and applied to improve the quality management system.

Voyage Management

Clear instructions, information and arrangements are critical for safe operations (safe navigation and cargo operations). Technical support is also given by office staff when required and during ship visits in loading and discharging ports.
In addition, a ship and shore compatibility study is carried out before any entry into port to ensure safe port entry and departure.


Planning of maintenance and repair work, arrangements of necessary parts and service engineers, countermeasures of troubles and preparation for dry dock are jointly developed together with crewmembers.
In addition, data of boiler water and lubrication oil analyses are collected to continuously monitor the condition of on board machineries and equipment.

Technical Support

To prevent and reduce failure risks of onboard machineries and equipment; troubles and associated countermeasures are systematically shared with all fleet. In addition, installation of new equipment is always arranged and executed after a thorough review and in line with existing rules and regulations.
Furthermore, similar feedback is provided to commercial teams in charge for new projects.

Crew Manning

Over a thousand highly qualified crew members are assigned from various nationalities. Crew manning operations include close communication with crew members, medical check management, crew appraisal, budget management associated with crew, developing future manning plans and providing training as required.

Budget Management

After developing annual budget plan; budget and expenditures are frequently compared to know how well budget is utilized. If the desired financial performance is not achieved, the cause is examined, and conclusions are systematically applied for betterment of budget control.


Procurement is requested by vessels through a computerized procurement system; where quotations, purchase orders, receipt confirmations and payments are executed seamlessly. All procurement is executed through accredited suppliers.